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U.K. Approval For Medical Cannabis In Landmark Decision

April Morris

Posted on August 16 2018

U.K. Approval For Medical Cannabis In Landmark Decision

On July 26th, the world got the big news that the U.K. was now jumping on the legal, medical cannabis bandwagon. When the British government made the announcement, U.K. citizens cheered loudly at this landmark resolution. The U.K. government did make the statement that later in the year; the laws would become less strict on being able to use cannabis for medical reasons legally.

The drug will now be classified as a schedule two drug as opposed to a schedule one drug that it has been considered in the past. Now marijuana will no longer be in the same class with LSD and heroin. The U.K. government will make this change with the evidence that they now have that proves that cannabis can help medical patients with severe illnesses. It will only be legal for those who have these serious medical ailments and there has been no talk of legalizing marijuana to be used recreationally.

The Home Secretary of the U.K. does want the world to know that he is onboard with this new law and trying to help those with severe medical ailments. He wants to be able to help those in need who cannot find drugs of other types to help them to relieve their pains and even help to stop seizures in those with epilepsy. In interviews, Sajid Javid was asked about the legalization of marijuana for recreational uses and he said this was only a step to use cannabis medically. This, in no way, is him trying to legalize it recreationally.

Javid had many people pushing the medicinal marijuana topic because of one case of a young boy who was prescribed cannabis oil to help with his seizures. He was given a special medical marijuana license from Ireland to take the oil for his serious condition. This boy’s case has been all over the news and when the news broke of Javid’s final decision, the world could not have been happier for him and others just like him that need cannabis to help them with their conditions.

Other members of the U.K. government have said that medically there are many unanswered questions about using cannabis. There will have to be medical trials to help determine which products work and which ones do not. This could be some strain on the economy because of the time that these trials will take. The government is concerned about the economy, but also the citizens who will be part of the trials.

This is truly a landmark decision for the U.K., but many citizens are still pushing for marijuana to be legalized for recreational use. These citizens hope that the U.K. can follow in the footsteps of Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and the other six states to fully legalize it.

In the U.K., marijuana possession does continue to be a serious felony.  If one is found in possession of marijuana in the U.K., they may serve up to five years and prison and have fines that are incredibly high. No matter what, this is a very big step in the world of marijuana and using cannabis oils for medical ailments and conditions.

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