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Now Leaping Bunny Certified!

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Posted on December 06 2018

Now Leaping Bunny Certified!
As more and more cosmetics, personal care, and household products are being labeled “cruelty-free”, consumers are starting to question what “cruelty free” really means, and which products are truly certified cruelty free. This article will show you what to look for when shopping for cruelty free products.

What is Cruelty Free?

“Cruelty free” means companies do not test their products, or any of their ingredients, on animals. However, not all products that claim to be cruelty free are actually certified. Many brands possess a bunny image on their products to ensure the consumer that their product is considered cruelty free, but that’s just their finished product, and not necessarily all of the ingredients inside. This can be misleading to consumers, which is why it’s very important to look for companies that are certified through the Leaping Bunny program.

Why it’s important to purchase cruelty free products?

Testing products and their ingredients on animals is a lot more cruel and harmful than some think. Ingredients of certain products can cause burning of the animal’s skin, deformities, diseases, and even death.

According to the New England Anti Vivisection Society (NEAVS), “Vivisection is the practice of cutting into, dissecting, or operating on a living animal for scientific purposes... Essentially, vivisection is using animals in ways that cause distress, harm, and death in attempts to test the safety of drugs and products or to find a related treatment or cure for humans.”

NEAVS also stated, “Relying on animal testing is already unsafe. Studies show that if you flipped a coin to guess how a human will respond to a certain drug, your prediction would actually be as accurate as if you tested the drug on a nonhuman animal.”

Leaping Bunny gives consumers confidence about cruelty free products

Internationally recognized, Leaping Bunny is an organization comprised of several national and international animal protection groups that have formed the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics (CCIC) –– an organization that allows consumers to obtain factual information on cosmetics, personal care, and cleaning products that are cruelty free certified.

Leaping Bunny is a trustworthy organization that helps consumers find brands and products that are 100% cruelty free. To obtain this certification from Leaping Bunny, we at HealthNaturally, as well as our ingredient suppliers, had to go through an in-depth process that required us to meet Leaping Bunny's strict criteria and audits. 

HealthNaturally is Leaping Bunny Certified

We at HealthNaturally specialize in CBD-infused products such as:

● Hemp Oil Pain Salve
● Hemp Oil Ageless Face Serum
● Hemp Oil Nude Lube
● Hemp Oil Pain Roll-On
● Hemp Oil Skin Salve
We here at HealthNaturally, are firm believers in the power plants posess in bringing wellness to humans, animals and the environment. All of our products consist of the highest quality ingredients, while abiding by rigorous guidelines in how our plants are grown, harvested,
extracted and manufactured.

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